Offer you with the best motel experience with a competitively low price range, Cau Vong Motel will provide you with hotel standard service with our professional staff. These are the reasons you will not want to miss out on this place:

01. Locate on the center of Hanoi

Taking only 2 minutes from the West Lake, you can visit the most renowned lake of Hanoi for a fresh morning walk, a bustling afternoon road trip, or a luxurious dinner near this scenic lake. Being centrally located, you can easily get to our city travel hotspots, dining, leisure, and public transit, every place is in 3km length.

02. High-quality room

Our motel provides newly equipped elevator system, advanced washing machines to give the most optimum experience. Besides, we have a spacious parking space, automatic vending machine, and free wi-fi on every floor. Along with regular renovations, we also pay close attention to the rooms’ hygiene process and seek to preserve the motel best state.

03. Cheap prices

We strive to give the customers the best service with a low, reasonable price range from 4$ to 14$, depends on how long you stay and your room selection. We have 2 types of room: Standard Room and VIP Room. We offer a competitive price as it is hard to find this range at other accommodation alternatives.

With this level of quality and a low price range, come to our motel to get your room right away or book us through our hotline: 0934592282.


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